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Gift Cards, Membership Keytags, Loyalty Cards, Professional Plastic Business Cards, the possibilities are endless.

Plastic Gift Cards

Keep the money in your register!

Several businesses offer their clients gift cards from other local retailers which has it’s benefits, however you should at least have your own professional gift cards that you can offer your clients. Gone are the days of having paper certificates that look home made and unprofessional. A high quality and professionally produced gift card from Chronos Marketing will enhance your company’s reputation and will have a positive impact in increasing sales and profits.

Does your POS system accept any gift card? Then we can produce a card that works for you. There are several options that we offer for that professional look as well as for tracking purposes.

Custom printed plastic gift cards with multiple options available such as bar code, sequential numbering for tracking, LoCo/HiCo Mag Stripe Gift Cards, signature panel and many more…

Available Options

Spice up your Gift Cards

  • Bar Codes
  • Clear | Frosted Cards
  • Embossed Lettering | Numbering
  • Gold | Silver Cards
  • Foil Stamping Gold | Silver
  • Magnetic Strip Cards
  • Scratch Off Panels
  • Sequential Numbering
  • Signature Strip
  • Smart Chip Cards
  • Many more options to choose from...

Available Accessories

Package them up like a pro

Hanging Gift Card Backers and custom Gift Card packaging available at Chronos Marketing. Contact us for gift card packaging options.

Plastic Key tags

Make them feel like family!

Key tags aren’t always for security purposes you know. Key tags are a great way to make your customers feel like they belong to something, like they are part of your family in a way. It’s also a great way to remind them to come to your business every time they get their keys to get in their car or lock their house. The free advertising they do when they put their keys on the table and their friends see it also works wonders for conversation. Customize your key tags with options like bar code, sequential numbering for tracking, RFID Proximity Key Tags and many more. Our key tags and RFID key fobs are used by many businesses such as Gyms, Tanning Salons and even the corporate world for door access etc…

Wait no further, give us a call and see how you can offer key tags (individual or 3 Up), membership cards or a combination of both to your customers.

Plastic Card and Key Tag Combo

Combine them both for double the rewards!

Combine cards and key tags for members that may have family using the card or for double the rewards of advertising and loyalty. Forgot your card, no problem you have your key tag. Didn’t drive today, no problem you have your card. The possibilities are endless such as combine them with a Gift Card and receive a membership key tag for free.

Combine the two and come up with that great solution that works for you.

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