Plastic Gift Cards and Key Tags

Plastic Gift Cards and Key Tags

Since 2005, Chronos Marketing has been supplying Canada and the USA with professional Plastic Cards. Proven to increase your revenue, plastic gift cards indeed demonstrate that a business is professional and does not cut corners when it comes to offer their clients the best.

Now you don’t have to cut on your plastic gift cards as we offer competitive pricing, to the point that it will be close to the cost of paper gift certificates.

We offer plastic gift cards that are POS ready with LoCo magnetic strip, Bar Codes and several other options such as signature strip, embossed lettering and numbering similar to a credit card and smart chips.

If you are looking for competitive pricing for plastic gift cards, look no further.

Gift Card Holders/Backer Cards

Presentation is what it’s all about. Why not go all the way with the professional look of a gift card holder custom designed and branded to your gift card and business marketing look and feel. Your customer will want to put the gift card in something, why not give them one with your company logo, address, website and phone number.

Chronos Marketing offers top quality git card holders and hanging backer cards for your gift card display options.

Plastic Key Tags

Imagine having your logo in your customers eyes as well as free advertising when your customer is with their friends, well now you can! Key tags for memberships or loyalty programs as well as a points program, whatever you wish to use your plastic key tags for, Chronos Marketing will make it happen.

Choose from standard key tags to custom shapes, we do it all.


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