Business cards are essential for all businesses.  Custom designed and printed business cards from Chronos Marketing allow you share all your contact information for your business with your customers. 

These high quality premium business cards allow you to stand out with a professional look.  You can use a business card for other purposes such as a referral card, loyalty card, hand outs, discount coupons and more.


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Chronos Marketing business card design and printing services include:

  • Personalized and unique custom design that represent your brand
  • Custom full-color business card printing on both
  • Premium stocks available 14pt, 16p, 18pt
  • Standard sized 2″ x 3.5″
  • Multi-purpose finishes depending on the occasion such as glossy, matte, silk laminated and more.
  • Flexible order volumes and quantities


Chronos Marketing business cards can be used for many different purposes and occasions.  Business cards can be used for the following:

  • Standard business card
  • Referral programs
  • Frequent visitor loyalty business cards
  • Special promotional business cards
  • Exclusive discount referral cards
  • Members cards
  • Rewards cards


Chronos Marketing business cards, servicing many different industries and specialized design to help target your client market.

  • Fitness and Gym business cards
  • Tanning Salon business cards
  • Hair Salon grand opening event business cards
  • Spa and Nail Salon business cards
  • Contractor renovations and finished basement business cards
  • Real Estate business cards
  • Retail business business cards
  • Medical office new customer business cards
  • Lawyer and Legal office practice business cards
  • Dental and Denture Clinic patient business cards
  • Landscaping promotional business cards
  • Restaurant business cards
  • Party store business cards
  • Hardware store business cards
  • Paint store business cards
  • Automotive wheels and tires business cards
  • Automotive detailing business cards
  • Car dealership business cards
  • Automotive Service business cards
  • Paving company business cards

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