Tanning Studios


Client Name: Tanning Studios
Business Type: Tanning Salon
Location: Clemmons, NC, USA
Website: Tanning-Studios.com


  • Website Design & Development
  • WordPress Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Interactive Slideshows & Banners
  • Membership Form Processing


An established tanning salon in North Carolina, Tanning Studios reached out to Chronos Marketing to assist with creating a new website as their current one was outdated.  We have done a few print marketing campaigns for Tanning Studios and were happy to help with their online web marketing.  Maintained their brand identity and took them their website to the next level. 


Since 2011, Chronos Marketing has been assisting Tanning Studios with different print marketing collateral and direct mail marketing campaigns.  From direct mail postcards, birthday promotional postcards, promotional gift cards, referral cards and more, it was time to start focusing online.
A quick conversation outlining the requirements, a proposal and a lot of trust, made this a great success.  Since Chronos Marketing has been specializing in the tanning industry for nearly two decades, it was easy for Tanning Studios to turn it over to us and let us do our thing.  Its very easy when we have had a long working relationship of proven marketing success.



My new website is everything that I wanted. I’ve already recommended Dean, from Chronos Marketing to another salon. What I loved about Chronos Marketing was the fact that they started with a plan and executed it and kept me on track in helping them get what they needed. They took the time to get to know my business before starting the build process which saved me time because I didn’t have to continually make changes. They were also very easy to communicate with and were able to work from concepts rather than needing me to design the website myself.

In addition Dean offers many other services and marketing services from A-Z!!

Kyle Agha

Principal | Tanning Studios


Capturing requirements for a website for tanning salons comes natural to us as we understand their business, customers, products and services.  We have deep roots in the industry with manufacturers, distributors and salon owners since the late 1990s.  We have collected one of the largest inventory of images in tanning equipment and lotions from all brands, makes and models.
When we develop websites for customers, the service doesn’t just end there.  Chronos Marketing always goes the next step and provides marketing strategies and concepts as well as reasoning to a design.  There is method to our madness with a proven track record in the tanning industry.
Once the website is ready to present to the client, a link to the development site is provided and the client can review first draft of design.  Feedback is provided, minor changes are completed and the site is wrapped up.  Since this website is replacing an existing one, we also went in and cleaned up all the old URL redirecting to new site links, resubmitted new sitemap, freshened up the keywords and meta tags and improved on quite a bit of the content write-up.
Satisfaction is an understatement with this project as the client was ecstatic to get a greatly improved and professional website.