See-Through Window Vinyl

See-Through Window Vinyl

Truly affordable see through window vinyl graphics. Even though we deliver top quality opaque and see-through window vinyl in Toronto, we can ship this anywhere across Canada or the USA. The vinyl is perforated in order to be able to see through it from the inside. From the outside, you can see a vivid graphic that can be custom designed by Chronos Marketing to fit your needs.

Perforated window vinyl not only allows your customers to view your brand from the outside, it allows you to view out your windows perfectly. Adding see-through window vinyl or window graphics will allow you to capture your customers eye, increase profits and clientele while decreasing the heat/sunlight that comes through the windows. It is UV protected so it will hold up for several years in the sunlight without fading.

Here is your view from the inside of your business looking out. The window graphic does not obstruct your view at all.



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