Advertising flags come in three applications, pole flags, feather flags and teardrop flags.  Flags from Chronos Marketing are visually stunning, versatile and inexpensive way to convey your brand or message and attract customers in high-traffic locations.  Commonly used at events, storefront advertising and indoors in tall atriums and stadiums. Easy to install these one sided printed flags come with either a cross base with water bag weight or ground spike so they’ll stay up even in strong winds.

We also offer flag pole flags which are great for sports team flags, party flags, company logo flags and more.

Our custom printed feather flags and teardrop flags are printed and shipped to businesses across Canada and the USA.


Here are some commonly asked questions pertaining to our flag printing.  This should provide you with the answers you are after, but feel free to contact us if you have any more questions.

How are flags printed and what material are they made of?

Chronos Marketing flags are printed using superior quality dye sublimation equipment on lightweight 3oz polyester. Pole Flags have an additional Reinforced Grommet Strip made of canvas on either the left or right side of the flag for wind resistance.



What flag shapes do you offer?

Feather Flag: Shaped like a feather.


Teardrop Shape: Shaped like a teardrop


Pole Flag: Rectangle shape



What kind of hardware is included with the flags?

Feather/Teardrop Flags have the option to include indoor or outdoor hardware. The flag material will be neatly folded and packed in a flexible bag. The hardware comes in a black travel bag. Both items will be carton packed together.

Is Assembly required?

Assembly is required. Click here to download the Flag Assembly Guide

Is there a chart to compare the different flag sizes?

Yes. Please see our Flag Height chart below:


Can I use my Feather and Teardrop Indoor hardware/cross base outdoors?

Yes, the indoor hardware includes a water bag which sits on the top of the cross base and adds weight and stability for outdoor use on hard surfaces such as concrete and asphalt. It is recommended that you test your specific application.


What color thread is used for hemming flags?

Option for white or black thread hemming is available.


Chronos Marketing indoor and outdoor flags design and printing services include:

  • Personalized and unique custom design that represent your brand
  • Custom full-color flag printing.  Single sided printing. 
  • Premium 3oz Polyester.
  • Feather Flag Sizes: 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 15ft
  • Teardrop Flag Sizes: 7ft, 9ft, 11ft and 14ft
  • Pole Flag Sizes: 36″ x 48″, 60″ x 36″, 72″ x 48″
  • Travel bag, printed flag, flag pole and choose your type of base (cross base with water weight bag or outdoor ground spike)
  • Flexible order volumes and quantities as low as one banner.


Chronos Marketing indoor and outdoor feather flags and teardrop flags are commonly used in these forms of advertising:

  • In store promotional flags
  • New product or service flags
  • Restaurant advertising flags
  • Trade show flags
  • Automotive Car Dealership flags
  • Sporting Event and Trade Show flags
  • Golf tournament sponsor flags
  • Real Estate Open House flags
  • and many more…


Chronos Marketing banner stands, servicing many different industries and specialized design to help target your client market.

  • Fitness and Gym flags
  • Tanning Salon flags
  • Hair Salon grand opening event flags
  • Spa and Nail Salon flags
  • Real Estate flags
  • Retail business flags
  • Medical office flags
  • Lawyer and Legal office flags
  • Dental and Denture Clinic flags
  • Restaurant flags
  • Party store promotional flags
  •  Hardware store flags
  • Paint store flags
  • Automotive wheels and tires flags
  • Car dealership flags
  • Automotive Service flags
  • Drive Thru advertising flags
  • Now Open advertising flags

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